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Just A Few More Pages: A Difficult Book To Set Down

Every so often you pick up a book that shakes you out of your normal reading habits. It grabs on to you and won’t let go until you’ve reached the end. “Just a few more pages!” becomes your battle cry. 
Embedded by Dan Abnett is that type of book. 

Embedded is a Military-no it is a War Journalist SciFi that takes a journalist deeper into combat than any has ever gone before: right into the mind of the soldier. When normal avenues of research and reporting are cut off by a powerful government one journalist takes the unprecedented step of having his consciousness embedded into the mind of a soldier in the war zone. However as that journalist learns no one in a war zone is safe and anyone can lose their life. Including the soldier you might be embedded within….

This concept truly interested me. The author did a great job of exploring it and relaying it to the reader. The action was tense and filled with peril. The story moved quickly. I honestly was not ready for it to end on me. This is one I do suggest reading and look forward to hearing your thoughts on it! 

Embedded is also approved by my puppy: