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Monsters Meet Their Match 

When you live in a world populated with monsters, ruled by people with magic, and you have been raised from birth to fight for the ruling class: you fight! But what if you learn that not all monsters look like monsters, and those you believe you’re fighting for may have been manipulating you all along….
Mary Fan has constructed an amazing world that is fully realized from the opening narration, and peopled it with characters so alive that you feel you’d know them if they stepped out of the pages and into your home. The story grips you from the start and holds onto you until the end as you work your way through the action packed, emotional roller coaster that is The Firedragon. 

Have I mentioned how fully realized and alive the characters are? Because they truly are. I’m impressed with the author’s ability to create a rapport between the reader and the story right from the very start. 

This really is a story that you want everyone to read so that you can sit down and discuss it with them. The author truly entertains while also forcing you to think and consider not only the world she has created, but the world in which you yourself live. I’m looking forward to reading further in this series and continuing to read the stories Mary Fan creates! 



Our Weekly Dark Horse Presents Vol 11

Our Weekly Dark Horse Presents Volume 11

Let’s put it this way: The Forgetten was well done but Masque and Roma are so poorly done that i gave up on reading the comic on a weekly basis for quite a while! But as stated before: when you’re dealing with a comic book anthology you’ll have some issues that are awesome and some that are awful. That’s the nature of the beast. The flip side of that is that the stories I consider awful you might consider awesome. 

But no. For real. Roma and Masque are just awful. 

Moving back to my weekly format for Dark Horse Presents and also working on my monthly Indie/Small Press Author feature, and just regular reviews again! I’ve missed adding my reviews to the website. Time to return!