Monthly Archives: March 2021

April Fools TBR

What is one book on your TBR that you’ve been saying to yourself for ages that you’ll eventually one day maybe perhaps sometime soon get to it and read it? That ONE book you never quite seem to get to no matter how much you PROMISE you will get to it? Let’s read that book in April!

We ALL have one or two of those books that always get shuffled down our TBR no matter how often we set it atop the pile and promise we’ll read it next. This April lets give it a go!

The goal of #AprilFoolsTBR is to finally give one of those books a go! They’ve waited on us long enough so each of us should pick one up and give it a read! It doesn’t have to be the same book as anyone else is reading, this is a unique sort of buddy read where we join in solidarity and read a book that we have wanted to read for ages!

Are you up for joining in the fun? Share what book you’ll be reading!