Welcome to RedStarReviews

This website is the fulfillment of a dream of my heart to share my love of books with the world! I truly appreciate you visiting the site and hope you enjoy it.

What I’m currently reading and my thoughts on it are on my Home Page where you’ll find my Blog. A Word From My Friends will contain guest reviews from friends and family members of mine on books, music, movies, etc. The reviews from my friends and family members are shared in my blog, but a link will be added to this page for each of them to make them easy to find. They will be easily located at any time through the Categories choices.

A little about me: My name is Jacob and I am happily wedded to the love of my life, my wife Alicia. We reside in the southeastern portion of the United States and love reading, traveling, and enjoying life to the fullest! We have a sweet rescue puppy named Piper and she is our joy.

My book reviews will predominately feature SciFi and Fantasy books as those are my favorite genres. As I have over 250 unread books on my bookshelves the majority of my reviews will feature these books! I wish this were my full time job, but as it isn’t I can’t take very many ARC reviews or requested reviews on as my current time demands don’t allow for quick reads/reviews.

My regular posts include:

A weekly reading of Dark Horse Presents which is the best comic book anthology written.

The monthly Stars In The Sky indie or small print book review which tries to bring attention to authors you might otherwise have missed.

The weekly Feature Friday author spotlight which is where I focus on one author to give their work a platform.

Occasionally there will be a First Author Contact post in which I read a new to me author for the first time.

Every January is Vintage SciFi Month which I have the honor of helping cohost with the Founder!

Finally you will see my Favorite Book Of The Year which is one book I select each year to declare as the best book EVER that I read in a given year.

Thank you for visiting RedStarReviews! You can also find me on Instagram, Twitter, GoodReads, and Facebook. Hope you enjoy your visit!


7 thoughts on “Welcome

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    1. redstarreviews Post author

      I loved the covers and the premise of the story so much I bought the entire series in paperback! 😊 I’m very eager to read on in it. The story is so engaging and you get so caught up in it right from the start!

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