Welcome to RedStarReviews

This website is the fulfillment of a dream of my heart to share my love of books with the world! I truly appreciate you visiting the site and hope you enjoy it.

What I’m currently reading and my thoughts on it are on my Home Page where you’ll find my Blog. From The Homefront will feature guest reviews from my family as my parents and siblings were the ones who instilled a love of reading within my heart. A Word From My Friends will contain guest reviews from friends of mine on books, music, movies, etc. The reviews from my friends and family members will be featured on their respective pages before being added to the Blog. They will be easily located at any time through the Categories choices.

A little about me: My name is Jacob and I am happily wedded to the love of my life, my wife Alicia. We reside in the southeastern portion of the United States and love reading, traveling, and enjoying life to the fullest!

My book reviews will predominately feature SciFi and Fantasy books as those are my favorite genres.

Thank you for visiting RedStarReviews!


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