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December Reading Plans! Attacking The Currently Reading Stack

This past February I decided to clean up my currently reading list. The goal was to finish the books I had started in 2015. It was a great goal yet it was a little ambitious for such a short month. So now I’ve decided to try something different and set December aside as the month to attack my currently reading stack!

This means I’ll attempt to work through these seven books in December! I fully expect to fall short and probably to start reading an extra book or two alongside these seven, but it’s nice to have goals! I figure that with December being such a busy month it is a better time to try and finish books I’ve already started rather than start new books. We’ll see how it goes!

Betrayer by Aaron Dembski-Bowden is the 24th book of the ongoing Horus Heresy series I love so much. Always good to have some GrimDark Military SciFi on hand!

The Worlds Of Frank Herbert is a short story collection from the master of SciFi and a good way to prepare me for January’s Vintage SciFi Month!

Awakenings by Edward Lazellari is an Urban Fantasy that is starting off in a very kick ass grab your attention fashion. 

Gene Wolfe’s Book Of The New Sun series is a masterpiece of SciFi and I’m loving it. The goal is to complete the second book The Claw Of The Conciliator.  

Gail Z Martin’s War Of Shadows is the third book of her awesome Ascendent Kingdoms saga. Post magic apocalypitic fantasy? With good characters? Easy to enjoy!

These last two are the long reads that I doubt I’ll complete in December and expect to be reading into 2017. 

Bloodheir by Brian Ruckley is the second book of The Godless World trilogy and I couldn’t keep myself from starting it after I finished Winterbirth. 

House Of Leaves by Mark Z Danielewski is off to a creepy start and I know this one will take me a while. 

So that’s my December Reading Plans! Finishing up 2016 and getting ready for new reads in 2017! 


999 Books? 999 Books!

Acorrding to GoodReads I just read my 999th book. 999. That’s pretty cool!

Book 999 was A Hat For Mrs Golden by Michelle Edwards and G Brian Karas. It was amazing. A really touching story about knitting and love that brought a tear to my eye. Cute illustrations and great storytelling combine in one book. This one is well worth your time!

999 books read. I know this doesn’t count rereads, and also I’m sure I’ve forgot to add all the books I read as a child to the list; but still 999 books read is pretty cool!

I’m currently reading 8 books right now. Whichever one I finish first will be my 1,000th book read. I’m just shaking my head and thinking how cool that is. I’m also thankful for something like GoodReads that has helped me count up and keep track of initial reads of books and helped me remember my thoughts on those books. 

We’ll see which book becomes the 1,000th book read and then excitedly see which is book 1,001 and then 1,002 and then 1,003 and so on! Because the joy of reading should never end! Looking forward to my next 999 books! Happy reading everyone! 

Ship Of Fools Discussion Part Two: The Dead Ship *SPOILER ALERT*

Time for the second Ship Of Fools discussion! This time we tackle Part Two: The Dead Ship. This will cover pages 97-209 so please don’t spoil anything by reading this post until you’ve read this part of Richard Paul Russo’s masterpiece of Horror SciFi. 

An eerie section of the story! Bartolomeo is set free from his jail cell only to be used as a political pawn by both the Captain and the Bishop. He’s sent as a sacrificial lamb to the alien ship, and yes the ship seems dead! But even in death you have to ask yourself is the ship evil? Or just hostile to alien life?

The ship is the central character to this part of the story. As we explore it and get to know it we are left with more questions than answers. Gravity that shifts? A room full of razor wire? A room that reminds our explorers of the horrors they found at the abandoned colony? What is the terror that lurks behind the closed doors? And finally the surprise of all surprises: a human! What is she doing on the ship? What is her story?

And yet in the midst of all of this you’re left wondering about the quiet war between the Captain and the Bishop. At first the Captain seemed noble but now you know the level of betrayal he’ll stoop to in self preservation. The Bishop has always seemed self advancing but now with the mystery of his secret visits to the ship he starts to take on a sinister characteristic….

We are approaching the resolution of it all! Finishing up the book and part three this week! Hope you’re enjoying this read of Ship Of Fools. 

VintageSciFiMonth Is Approaching!

January is VintageSciFiMonth and it is fast approaching! It’s time to select some books, comic books, movies, tv shows, or radio shows that came out prior to the year you were born and enjoy them this January!

VintageSciFiMonth is really that easy to join! The “rules” are easy: you just read and enjoy older SciFi and/or Fantasy! Instead of getting into a huge debate about what qualifies as VintageSciFi the founder of the month LittleRedReviewer just asks that the book be from before the year you were born. Even this rule isn’t set in stone so if you’re wondering where to find SciFi from before you were born feel free to enjoy some from a few decades back regardless of the year of birth rule! We just want folks to join in and have fun!

If you have no idea where to start may I suggest DORSAI! by Gordon R Dickson from 1959. I’ve read this book twice now and loved it both times! To help a few of my friends ease into the world of VintageSciFi I’ll be reading it again starting 01/01/17 and you are welcome to join in! It is an awesome SciFi that will give you a good feel for SciFi around the 60’s and help you to get your feet wet! 

After DORSAI! I’ll be jumping four books ahead into The Childe Cycle by GRD and reading The Tactics Of Mistake because each January I read a little more of this excellent series of books. After that I’m still collecting my reading list but I expect it to include some Frank Herbert as well! 

TITAN by John Varley might sneak into the list since I bought it last year then realized it was published shortly after my birth…. we’ll see! 🙂 

Please join us in January for this awesome month of reading! It is amazing to see the future through the eyes of the past, and it is so much fun every year. If you’re on Twitter you can follow @VintageSciFi_ for news, updates, and features! Let me know if you need book suggestions. Looking forward to the sixth year of VintageSciFiMonth! 

Our Weekly Dark Horse Presents Volume 24

Our Weekly Dark Horse Presents Vol 24

Hey! We’re getting better at this weekly thing!

Ok this volume was excellent. Simply excellent. This is the sort of stories that caused DHP to be a favorite of mine! 

Aliens has now joined the lineup! Mark Nelson and Mark Verheiden craft and interestingly thoughtful take on Aliens that will set the stage for the greatness that is to come in later volumes. 

Leopoldo Durañona’s Race Of Scorpions is one of the more beautifully illustrated tales that graces the pages of DHP. The art makes me think of Moebius. The story is interesting and engaging! Our heroes escape the town to encounter danger in the desert and then unknown peril in the city. I love this story. 

Homicide by John Arcudi with art by Grant Miehm is a worthwhile read that kicks off a continual favorite within these pages. John Arcudi does an excellent job with hard boiled detective stories and serial tales. Really happy to see it from its earliest stages!

Rick Geary again makes you shake your head at his tales in Police Beat. His mind is so interesting. 

Next volume continues some amazing tales and introduces more! 

Ship Of Fools Discussion Part One Insurrection *SPOILER ALERT*

Ok so let’s talk Ship Of Fools by Richard Paul Russo! If you haven’t read the first part of the book (pages 1-95) please don’t read this so you won’t have anything spoiled for you! 
Part One is aptly named Insurrection. We have a Generational Ship that’s been lost for generations without destination or purpose. You have a rigid class structure designed to benefit those in power, dissatisfaction from the lower classes that know they deserve freedom, and vicious infighting amongst the leadership. Then throw in an abandoned colony that appears to have not been abandoned but rather brutally wiped out! This ship is ready for a mutiny!

However in the midst of this is thrown a terrible mystery. Who destroyed the colony? Who set up that beacon? Why did they do it? To warn others away or to draw them in? 

Then have you noticed that the main character isn’t the most likable of characters? He’s got a few rough edges. But I like him. He’s a thinker, and he’s willing to change. However he is hated by those above and below him, and that’s a difficult burden to carry. How much can you change when people aren’t willing to let you change and just want to use you? 

What are your thoughts on all of this? Any early emotions towards the characters? Did the scene where Bartolomeo thought he saw something in the building give you chills? What did you think when they found the colonists? 

Next Saturday I’ll cover Part Two: The Dead Ship