Our Weekly Dark Horse Presents Volume 24

Our Weekly Dark Horse Presents Vol 24

Hey! We’re getting better at this weekly thing!

Ok this volume was excellent. Simply excellent. This is the sort of stories that caused DHP to be a favorite of mine! 

Aliens has now joined the lineup! Mark Nelson and Mark Verheiden craft and interestingly thoughtful take on Aliens that will set the stage for the greatness that is to come in later volumes. 

Leopoldo Durañona’s Race Of Scorpions is one of the more beautifully illustrated tales that graces the pages of DHP. The art makes me think of Moebius. The story is interesting and engaging! Our heroes escape the town to encounter danger in the desert and then unknown peril in the city. I love this story. 

Homicide by John Arcudi with art by Grant Miehm is a worthwhile read that kicks off a continual favorite within these pages. John Arcudi does an excellent job with hard boiled detective stories and serial tales. Really happy to see it from its earliest stages!

Rick Geary again makes you shake your head at his tales in Police Beat. His mind is so interesting. 

Next volume continues some amazing tales and introduces more! 


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