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My Subjective Rankings Of The Alien And Predator Movies

That title describes this post well! 😂 I realized the world is lacking in the area of my subjective rankings! So while I’m working on my rankings of the Presidents, of the Star Wars films, and of my top ten fantasy series of all time I figured I’d share my completely subjective (yet still correct) rankings of two SciFi Horror movie franchises that have become so intermingled that they should be ranked together! Y’all ready to disagree with me!??

From best to worst here they are:

1) Alien. This will forever be the standard for me when it comes to SciFi Horror. Yes there are slow points. Yes the tech is outdated. BUT this movie ROCKS! Ripley is perfect in this film. The Alien is terrifying in this film. The tension created by this film is unreal! This is deservedly number one on my list. However I ALMOST placed it second because the second place movie on this list is one of my favorite films EVER! But the tension that Alien creates makes it one of the greatest movies ever so it stands atop my list.

2) Prometheus. DON’T YOU @ ME LOOKING FOR A FIGHT! 😂 Prometheus is one of my favorite movies EVER. The scenery shot in the opening scene alone could have won my heart. The musical score alone could have won my heart. The tension, the acting, the storyline, everything here won my heart. Prometheus has held up time and again on rewatches. Love it.

3) Predators. This one captivates me every time it is on. I can’t put my finger on why, but there’s a few movies that have the ability to pull me in every time I notice them on the tv (like Constantine) and this is one of them. Based on that, it outranks other movies in the franchise that might be more worthy of this spot.

4) Alien3. Ok so if y’all weren’t already yelling at the screen you probably are now. But Alien3 is special to me. It is the first Alien movie I watched. Before I watched it I read the comic book adaptation and the novelization AND listened to the soundtrack. Even being that familiar with the story this was the first time I saw a Xenomorph on screen and it made quite the impression on me. Alien3 has flaws but it’s a solid film nonetheless.

5) Alien: Covenant. Michael Fassbender is my favorite actor, so I need no other reason for ranking this high! 😂 BUT it is an intense and horrific film! With Covenant I felt that RS was really returning Alien back to the SciFi Horror genre, since it has been pulled into the SciFi Action genre by so many other directors.

6) Alien Vs Predator. This one was fun. I’ve long been a fan of the AVP comic books and it was good to finally watch an AVP movie!

7) Aliens. When I originally watched this I thought it was awesome. Obviously I was very impressionable. It doesn’t hold up well. James Cameron wanted to make an action film out of a SciFi Horror. I do like that we get Colonial Marines and the comic book series that this launched was good but yeahhhhhh…. I’d rank this one lower but that wouldn’t be fair. It has a few ok moments.

8) Predator. GET TO THE CHOPPA!

9) Predator 2. In an interesting twist of fate I saw Predator 2 before I saw Predator. Weird, huh? It’s not that it’s a bad movie, it just could be so much better than it is.

10) Alien Resurrection. The Alien film that shouldn’t have been made. What a waste.

11) Alien Vs Predator Requiem. The WORST Alien or Predator movie made. Basically a gore fest of going after the low hanging fruit that up till now had been avoided in the franchise. Killing children and pregnant mothers in order to try and shock the viewers? Just bad.

Not Ranked: The Predator because I’ve not yet seen it. But unless it is just AMAZING the highest it would probably make it is 6th because that top five is pretty solid in my mind.

I hope you enjoyed my subjective rankings!!