Monthly Archives: May 2020

A few updates leave you seeing that you need more updates which then lead to….

Y’all know how it is. You start to clean up your house and when you do you suddenly notice that there is always one more thing you can, and probably should do. Updating a website is like that too. I need to update my welcome page. Need to fix the links on my BookTube page, need to correct where my current tweets should be showing, have to consider if it is worth four dollars a month to eliminate all those pesky ads that pop up on my posts… oh yeah and write new blogs and reviews too! Well I at least added a page promoting my podcast that has been running now for two years! Every time I see my home page I realize I need to return to my Star In The Sky Indie Reviews and also finish out my reading of Dark Horse Presents too, although the weekly DHP gets a little tough because I worry about spoilers, but that is a little silly considering these comic books are thirty years old or so… hmmmm….. I think I could revamp the DHP and include spoilers to make it more fun for me to discuss and if folks don’t want to rad it because they might one day collect 100+ out of print comic books… ok I think I am sold on that.

Well all that to say this website is most def a work in progress, but it has progressed a little this weekend and that’s encouraged me to get back to writing and seeking out ways to get the ball rolling on some more reviewing! My goals are to start updating the site a bit more each week until it is all up to date, get back to reading DHP, return to the starry sky of indie reviews, share more about my podcast, get caught up on my netgalley reviews, and post a little more frequently.

I hope you are all well and that your loved ones are doing well as well. Thank you for being a part of this book reviewing journey I’ve been on! Thank you to all you who have been there since my early days, the ones who came on after, and to the new followers who have joined recently! I truly appreciate you all.