Consider Phelbas by Iain M Banks

How have I neglected this author’s work for so long! Great start to The Culture Series. Well written SciFi from the 80’s that translates well through the decades. This book will be a good read a hundred years from now. The characters are well thought out and very human and the story has a realistic “anything can happen” feel to it.

The author manages to capture something very true to the human spirit within this work. Something many authors try to do and fail. This story will stay with you long after you’ve finished the book.

Well worth your time to read!



2 thoughts on “Consider Phelbas by Iain M Banks

  1. Redhead

    I’ve read a handful of Culture novels, but not this one (although I do own a copy). Banks is one of those authors that if I see a book by him that I don’t own, I buy it. Have you read any of his non-scifi novels? The Quarry was very good, although very sad.


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