Bringing A City To Life

City Of Stairs by Robert Jackson Bennett

This is one incredible book! A very well crafted world with a truly interesting look into the divine. This story is people with such vibrant lifelike characters that you feel you should be sitting down to tea with them after you finish reading their story.

As I stated above the author provides a truly interesting view into the divine and what life would be like if your gods walked among you or if they left you. How would that affect the mind of a nation? Of an individual? This book discusses these questions and so much more.

I felt that the writer addressed many aspects of life and that they refused to avoid tough questions. The pacing was good, the action intense, and the dialogue enjoyable. This story truly brings a city to life before your eyes. Altogether this is a book that makes you think while encouraging you to turn the next page. This is one book I encourage you to grab a hold of and enjoy.



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