Ten Of My Favorite Books And Honorable Mentions

Narrowing down a favorite book list for me is difficult. Might as well try and select your favorite star in the night sky. I was recently asked to create such a list and these are ten of my all time favorite books in no particular order and some of my reasoning included with the ten. Honorable mentions below.

1) The Silmarillion/LOTR/The Hobbit by JRR Tolkien because these books are the reason I learned how to read. My folks had awesome copies of them that inspired my imagination and I wanted to read them. My parents made me learn to read and prove that I could before I was allowed to read them. Read through them when I was eight. Which leads to:
2) The Iliad by Homer because this was the book that I read to prove I could read well enough to read Tolkien. It was and still is fascinating.
3) My War Gone By I Miss It So by Anthony Loyd as it is one of the most interesting and personal war journals I’ve read dealing with the Bosnian Conflicts. That is a time that interests me and his very personal story and struggles with what he experienced help to bring everything home in my eyes.
4) If I Die In A Combat Zone Box Me Up And Ship Me Home by Tim O’Brien for similar reasons as MWGBIMIS but set in an earlier conflict that of Vietnam. I found that O’Brien’s method of mixing story and truth while relaying his experiences helped me to see the Vietnam War from the eyes of those over there. It cut through a lot of the typical politics that flood books about this time.
5) Meditations by Marcus Aurelius is one of the most thought provoking books
6) The Dune Saga by Frank Herbert probably one of the most influential and enlightening set of books that one can read while also being amazingly entertaining.
7) In The Woods by Tana French simply the BEST mystery and set in Ireland. She solves the wrong mystery in her book though.
8) Ancillary Justice by Ann Leckie as it is an incredible SciFi that tackles Gender roles and bias in a very jarring and interesting way.
9) The Giving Tree for rather personal reasons and because one day I’ll be reading it to my future children as an example of selfless love for them.
10) The Great Divorce by CS Lewis as this book I feel is Lewis’ best and does such a wonderful job of laying out the truth as he saw it.

Honorable mentions go to:
Mind MGMT by Matt Kindt
This Is Not My Hat by Jon Klassen
The Recluse Saga by LE Modesitt Jr
The Word And Void Trilogy by Terry Brooks
On Writing by Stephen King
A Talent For War by Jack McDevitt
Killing Rage by Eamon Collins
Thieves And Kings by Mark Oakley
The Sun, The Moon, And the Stars by Steven Brust

What are some of your favorite books?


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