Wolves Sing And I Enjoy Their Song

Wolf Song by L.T. Bradley is an excellent book. This story grabbed hold of me from the start and had me eagerly turning the pages looking forward to whatever happened next!

The story follows Zoë who is gifted with a second sight to see the supernatural filling the world around her. You watch as she starts as a scared individual running from her gifts and then starts to learn and take control of her life and fate. But no one can escape fate, or can they? 

Wolf Song is a good balance of mystery, romance, character development, action, and humor. The author truly breathed life into the main character of Zoë. You can find yourself identifying with her at one moment and shaking your head at her in the next. Zoë’s personality shines through the pages, through her fashion, her fears, her insecurities, her strengths, her boldness, wisdom, and foolishness. 

Every so often you find a story that sings to you and Wolf Song was such a story for me.


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