Our Weekly Dark Horse Presents

Dark Horse Presents Volume 1


This is the comic book that launched the greatest comic book anthology of my lifetime. Published in 1986 it started with a bang with its Black Cross cover and debut of both Black Cross and Concrete.
Black Cross by Chris Warner
Chris Warner was already an established name in comic books and was trying his hand at creator owned works. He wanted to explore various narrative structures available in comic books with this work. The world in which Black Cross is introduced is a brutal kill or be killed world. Within this first issue the stage is set for Black Cross to go from a special ops soldier to a rogue operative pitted against the world and the forces who trained him. A dangerous man with a conscience that is burning within him. Can’t wait to see where this goes!
Concrete by Paul Chadwick
This is an interesting story! Not just overall (man finds himself transformed into a nearly indestructible concrete being) but this specific installment! It deals not only with the topic of domestic abuse but also with the cost and hypocrisy of fame. Concrete finds not only are there things that matter more than money, he also learns the dangers of trusting strangers. 
Mindwalk by Randy Stradley and Randy Emberlin
Interesting! People with the ability to go into the minds of others! Yet as we well know with great power comes great responsibility and also great risk! Interesting concept. 


Brightner! by Paul Chadwick
In which Paul Chadwick explores the concept of fame and how best to use it. 



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