Our Weekly Dark Horse Presents (Vol 2)

Dark Horse Presents Volume 2

The first volume of Dark Horse Presents was incredible. The bar has been set high. Now comes the real challenge for a young independent comic book publisher: Can they sustain success and interest beyond the always sought after issue 1 of comic book culture. 

In short: Yes. Yes they can and they did. 

Concrete by Paul Chadwick 

Somehow Chadwick captures magic and puts it on display each time. The concept of the writer being drawn into the wilderness and letting their imagination roam free is timeless, and as such is used often. However this author keeps it fresh and engaging. Truly magical. If you want to write you should read Concrete. 


Mindwalk by Randy Stradley and Randy Emberlin
 Not as unique as the first installment. The creators relied a little too heavily on the melodrama and as such this episode was a little too soap operatic. 
Hellwalk, INC by JM DeMatteis and Mark Badger
 Oh now this was interesting! Love the artwork. It captures the emotions of the scenes while looking as if it was scribbled in pen. Characters are engaging and the concept behind the story is neat. Looking forward to more by these creators.


Looking forward to what next week’s Dark Horse Presents will feature!  

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