Our Weekly Dark Horse Presents Volume 14

Our Weekly Dark Horse Presents Vol 14

Yay! I’m posting this before the week officially ends! Maintaining my weekly goal of reading and reviewing an issue of Dark Horse Presents makes me happy. In case you missed my previous reviews on this Dark Horse Presents is my favorite comic book anthology and was published back in the 80’s and 90’s. I’m attempting to read and review my way through the whole series a week at a time. 

Concrete by Paul Chadwick is the flagship of the early part of this comic book series. It is a beautiful and magical take that somehow always touches the heart of what makes us human and this chapter is another fine example of that as Concrete considers his possible immortality. 

Another chapter of Masque by Mark Badger in which-oh look! Something interesting! A preview for the first Aliens’ comic book series! Dark Horse Comics rocked the Alien franchise! Expect to see some Alien stories within future Dark Horse Presents comics! Where were we? Oh? Masque? Yeah. Masque. By Mark Badger. 

Mr Monster by Michael T Gilbert is a little bit of comic book fluff. Scientist turned magical monster hunter. Not bad just cheesy. 

Dinosaur Tales by Mark A Nelson is just what it sounds like! And it was pretty cool. Dinosaurs always get you some points. 


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