Our Weekly Dark Horse Presents Volumes 15 And 16

Our Weekly Dark Horse Presents Vols 15 & 16

This week I’ll be reviewing two volumes at once due to missing last week and because volume 15 was very dull. We’ll start with volume 15 first

Babes ‘N Arms by Randy Stradley and Michael Ebert is just as shallow and boring as you would expect. Really Dark Horse? Really? 

Masque by Mark Badger continues to be an inaccessible and confusing story that encourages me to quit reading it. 

Captain Crusader by Gary Martin Bridges the volumes 15 and 16. It is cheesy but it at least shows what might happen if a normal person decides to try being a superhero. Quite the tragedy. This story had potential. 

Concrete’s Sky Of Heads by Paul Chadwick shows us something about our need to connect and to pass along the stories that are a part of our lives. Great stuff!

Volume 16 ends with the first installment of Paleolove by Gary Davis. Throughout this anthology series Gary Davis will return with interesting stories and excellent artwork. Paleolove is a great addition to the series. 


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