Sorry for all the sounds of silence you’ve heard from me lately! My wife and I are currently vacationing in the amazingly beautiful country of Ireland! 

This vacation has been a dream come true. I’ve wanted to visit Ireland for ages so I am thankful for the opportunity I’ve had to visit. 

Every where you go you see something more beautiful than the last place you just saw! The level of green just can’t be explained. It can only be experienced. The people of Ireland are amazingly friendly. This country is incredible and if you’ve considered visiting you should! I’ll be home soon and updating the website more, but for the next few days I’ll be wandering around the country! Cheers!


3 thoughts on “RedStarTravels

  1. Owen Banner

    My wife and I took our 4 and 2 year old there just last month. I am 80% sure I want to move to Ireland now. The land just folds you in like a grandmother’s embrace. Where did you go? Favorite spots? We started in Skibbereen, went up through Moll’s Gap and then back down through the Gap of Dunloe, up to Limerick, over to Oldcastle, then back down through Cashel to Cork. I was remarking (between gasps of wonder at the landscape) that you could spend a weekend at a different historical or picturesque site for the rest of your life and never run out of places to go in Ireland.

      1. Owen Banner

        Yeah. Killarney was brilliant. Did you get through the gap of Dunloe? Then next time I go, I’d love to just hike and camp the reeks and do the Skelligs. They were all booked up when we were going to be there. Also, there’s an incredible prehistoric archaeological preserve in Loughcrew you could just spend a week walking and exploring. That’s the thing I loved about Ireland, you felt almost that history was a layered thing, with people leaving the remnants of their lives, faiths, and worries in the same spot you stood with your own life, faith, and worries.

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