DORSAI! Group Read Part Three

Caution! Spoilers ahead! 
We’re reading DORSAI! by Gordon R Dickson for #VintageSciFiMonth and in this post we’ll cover Hero through Protector.

Our hero, Donal Graeme, has gone and made himself into a full fledged once in a lifetime hero! But what side effects will the constant Shifting in space have upon his body, mind, and soul? He obviously has something special within himself, a gift from his diverse genetics combined with the unknown affects of the Shifting. 

(Side question: What’s your favorite drink to enjoy while reading?)

Donal now faces the results of being a hero: greater responsibility. What seems confusing is why did he choose to work with such zealots? I think it is because he knew he could manipulate them. Are you surprised by they way he left the job? Did you expect him to take the mercenaries with him? 

Now to me the really interesting part of this section is his interaction with Sayona the Bond. You don’t have to tell me what it is, but do you have a personal philosophy? Do you think that we all do inside of ourselves? And what is this about Donal walking on air? 

One other question: Which of the characters that Donal has pulled into his orbit do you find most interesting?

This Saturday we will post the final Group Read Post for DORSAI! Can’t wait to hear your final thoughts on this book! 


2 thoughts on “DORSAI! Group Read Part Three

  1. empress8411

    Side Question: Water, actually, although sometimes Hot Tea, or rarely, an Adult Beverage.
    At first I was surprised Donal decided to work with the Religious Crazies. But then, I thought, he might want to keep an eye on them. Or, it is true they are crazy, but it’s a very finite, defined crazy. It has limits and rules, and thus, is can actually be easy to directed or controlled.
    As for the mystical part, I’m not sure. It seems out of place, but at the same time, part of the story. I wonder if they will explain it by the end, or, like several other parts, leave it as something we will learn about in other books.
    I admit I don’t know what a personal philosophy is, precisely. Is that a set of morals or a code one follows? Priorities or goals? Is it religious or spiritual? I need to know this before I can determine if I have one.
    Off-Topic: Your puppy is so darn cute!

    1. redstarreviews Post author

      She says thank you for that!! 🙂 I agree she’s very cute! You know I never thought of it as Donal trying to keep an eye on the crazies or possibly learn their capabilities! Good thinking!
      For me I would define personal philosophy the way they had Donal: a stated code that guides one’s life and actions (if that makes sense). I think most of us have one but never examine it or put it into words!


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