It’s GroupRead Time!

So what’s a GroupRead, and why is it time for one? GroupReads are fun! That’s what they are! 🙂 Okay a better description: GroupReads are when readers jointly pick out a book to read at the same time. Normally accompanied by cool hashtags and fun discussions! Y’all might recall following along with a few of them I’ve featured here in the past. I wanted to let you know about the GroupReads I am joining in on during 2017 and invite y’all to take part!

First up is #MarchToMorningStar which started when Sadie and I decided to read Pierce Brown’s Red Rising Trilogy and to start in March! Hence the hashtag! I had already read (and loved) the first two books in the trilogy, but wanted to reread them before diving into the finale. I’ve just started Morning Star today, some others in the group are at the start of Golden Son. If you’d like to join in now you’re welcome to! I’ll be writing a blog on the whole trilogy once I’ve finished reading it. 

Y’all know I’ve been wanting to reread Tad Williams’ Memory Sorrow And Thorn Trilogy for a while now. The fact that he’s returned to Osten Ard to start telling stories again makes me want to dive into this world even more! So when Kefuwa suggested a GroupRead of it to start in May I jumped right in! 

My friend Sadie has read Dan Simmons’ horror novels, I’ve read his SciFi novels, but neither of us have read his Hyperion Cantos. So we decided to try it out! This Summer we’ll be reading Hyperion which is a SciFi novel I’ve been meaning to read for ages! I still haven’t picked up a copy yet, this book is the library’s copy, but I’m on the hunt for it! 

You know how much I love L.E. Modesitt Jr so when a group of fellow readers say they’d like to give him a chance: I jump at the opportunity to introduce them to his work! This September I’ll be hosting a GroupRead of his book The Magic Of Recluce which is the first book in his Recluce Saga and well worth a read! 

Last but not least I’m interested in having a GroupRead of Richard Adams’ classic Watership Down. I plan on reading it this year and keep encountering others who, like me, keep saying they’ve been wanting to read it. Well here is our chance! Get ahold of a copy and let’s pick out a month! 

Those are the books I’m planning on reading with others, and I wanted to invite y’all to join in! Did any interest you? Let me know and I’ll supply you with more details! 


2 thoughts on “It’s GroupRead Time!

  1. Bookstooge

    I love the bookshelves pictures. Even though I have no reason to be, it makes me jealous that they look so good 😀

    I hope your groupreads go well. Since I’ve got my reading all planned out already, I won’t be able to participate this year but look forward to your updates, etc.

  2. mrericness

    Had to do a double take at that Hyperion picture because for a moment I thought they made a Shrike Funko! I really enjoyed that series, hope your group does too.


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