Book 36 Of ?

I’ve just completed reading the 36 book of The Horus Heresy and I really enjoyed it a lot!

The Path Of Heaven by Chris Wraight features the White Scars who are an interesting Legion to follow. Based off of a Mongal Horde sort of group their Legion cherishes speed as one of their primary traits, and they feel like outsiders from the very Imperium they’ve fought to expand and protect. This outsider mindset plays heavily into their decisions on which factor to support in the Galactic Civil War.

The book started a little slow, ironically as speed is so cherished by this Legion, but I think the slowness was primarily a result of over focusing on the enemies in this book, and setting up the deception that warfare brings with it. That said once this book started rolling it really drew me right into it and didn’t let go until the very end! One of the better books in the series.

So let’s talk about this series a bit! This is book number 36 of…. well right now 56 I think m, but as the series is still ongoing who really knows? And that is honestly something that I’m really enjoying about this series, the fact that it just keeps on going and growing. I’ll admit I was a bit frustrated with how sideways everything went early on after a quick start out of the gate with the first few books, but now I know I’d rather the series be this sprawling and wide ranging. The Heresy itself is supposedly only a ten year period of time but the series has jumped around to ten or forty or two hundred years before the “present” time. Each jump deepens the story and increases the build up! The best analogy I can think of is if you ever watched Dragonball Z and you remember how they’d spend like three episodes building up energy for one powerful punch, that’s similar to what the authors are doing here! If they’re going to tell a story of galactic civil war they’re going to truly make it as epic as the galaxy itself!

As a plus for any considering if they want to dip their toes into The Horus Heresy I can truly say I’m still loving this series 36 books into it and I’m eager for however many more books it will last!

PS: it appears WordPress just changed their App and now instead of writing one long blog post it’s split it into several boxes which is causing me some consternation and throwing me off my blogging game just a little right now, but hopefully it posts ok and I get accustomed to it soon! Hope y’all are all well!


8 thoughts on “Book 36 Of ?

    1. redstarreviews Post author

      It is so good!!! And each book is only around 400 pages or so, so realistically it’s not an insane amount of pages to work through, but it is a fun pursuit! 😊😊

  1. Redhead

    36 books in one series? my brain can’t even! I can barely handle Baker’s Company series, which is 9-10 books and a bunch of short stories and novellas. i think i’m on book 9 right now?

    1. redstarreviews Post author

      I’m on 37 now and I think the primary way they’ve pulled this off is by having a team of authors working together creating one massive story book by book! It is pretty crazy to think they’re already on book 56 or so!

  2. Off The TBR

    I keep seeing that total number in the series and wonder if I’ll ever finish. I’ve read the first 4 of them. But I’m continuing along. I want to read some of the non-heresy books too at some point.

    1. redstarreviews Post author

      The non-heresy WH40K books are really good too! HIGHLY recommend Gaunt’s Ghosts. It’s probably the best WH40K series out there, much more cohesive than Horus Heresy, and a fantastic Military SciFi. Fifteen Hours is a stand-alone in the WH40K universe and is really good.


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