Some Very Important Words

Sometimes finding the right words to say can be difficult. Sometimes saying certain words can be difficult. Sometimes words are difficult. Lately words have been difficult for me. Reading them, writing them, hearing them, saying them. But words matter a lot. That is why it is important to choose them wisely and proclaim them strongly. These words matter to me a lot: BLACK LIVES MATTER.

This is a time of turmoil in my nation, my state, my city, and even my social circle. I’ve set down several books as I’ve been not in the right mind to disengage from the world around me and read. So I looked at what I was reading and have diversified my current reads more. Words have power and without even realizing it we are amplifying the words of others by what we read and review and talk about. I try to be very conscious about the books I feature on my website, and now I am consciously choosing to include more works by Black authors because: BLACK VOICES MATTER.

I want my website and podcast to be in alignment with the issues that matter to my heart and to my family’s heart. There will always be room for random reads and fun dives into 90’s comic books, but just as I consciously set out to support women authors more when I realized the majority of authors I was reading were men, I realize I need to continue branching out and gain greater diversity in my reading. All of our lives are enriched by seeking out the viewpoints and perspectives of others. And BLACK PERSPECTIVES MATTER.

Sometimes words are difficult. Sometimes finding the right words can be difficult. Sometimes it is more important to listen and learn. And sometimes you need to stand alongside your fellow humans and declare loudly that their voices matter. Their stories matter. Their lives matter. I hope everyone who reads this post will be challenged to thoughtfully consider reading more works created by Black authors and join in saying BLACK LIVES MATTER.


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