Book 46 of….

Y’all know I’ve been reading the Horus Heresy for *does imitation of Obi Wan’s voice from Ep IV* “… a long, long time. A long time.” and truthfully I’ve really been enjoying it! Admittedly when I first started reading it the first time through I thought they were moving too fast by the third book and worried they’d have it resolved by the fifth book. Wow was I wrong! I remember getting so frustrated that the series went sideways that I bailed at book 8. It was years until I returned and started over, and I’m thankful I did and that I had a better understanding of what I was getting in to.

The Horus Heresy is a story about a galactic civil war and the writers (there are multiple working together) are going to show you every aspect of it, which really does make it galactic in scale!

I’ve written about this series before, and given updates as I have journeyed through it, but as I just completed book 46 Ruinstorm, and started book 47 Old Earth, I just wanted to pause for a moment and say: Damn. I love this series!

Ruinstorm by David Annandale hit pause on the series to take us across the Galaxy to three Legions of forces trying to get back to Terra to stand beside the Emperor in his hour of need, but it’s ok because the book before it (Tallarn by John French) ALSO hit pause on the series to take us to a specific planet with a specific part of the war (also Tallarn was INCREDIBLE). I say all that to say: this series hits pause on the doomsday clock often, and it normally works out!

While this is a review of Ruinstorm, it is more a review of the entire series itself. I have to say I am loving reading it and the fact that I can be almost 50 books into a series and still be loving it should speak volumes (see what I did there?) so if you like Military SciFi with a good dose of GrimDark then don’t hesitate on this series.


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