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Our kinda sorta one day will be weekly again Dark Horse Presents Volume 28

We’ve all been missing the weekly Dark Horse Presents reviews so here we are! Back again reviewing the greatest comic book anthology ever. Time to look at the awesomely huge 28th volume! This one was released to celebrate four years of Dark Horse Comics existing! No mean feat in the 80’s when Marvel and DC ruled comicdom with iron fists!

This comic book contained four AWESOME stories….. and two comedic monster throwaways in my opinion. Maybe cheesy monster comic short stories are your thing! If so you’d probably enjoy Roachmill or Mr Monster. It isn’t my thing so less said about those the better. 

Homicide by John Arcudi and Doug Mahnke really causes you to be afraid with this intense episode. The use of Pat Brosseau’s lettering for the shotgun blasts and cocking really hits hard. Well done!

Concrete by Paul Chadwick AGAIN proves to be way ahead of its time! This conversation on what we are doing to our planet and the realization that we’re connected to it needs to happen today! Thankful he was bringing it up in 1987, saddened that we still neglect this topic in 2017. 

ZONE! I’ve been waiting for Michael Kraiger’s intelligently done comic book to make an appearance! Love his use of grey tones in his art and how he uses the lettering to draw you into his work. We’ll see more of this as DHP continues!

You might be bad ass. But you’ll never be Black Cross clutching barbwire after killing a small army bad ass. Chris Warner again delivers on this emotional action as Black Cross wages his solo war against an immoral enemy. 

Almost reached a few of my favorite stories! Eager to read and review on!



I still remember how amazed I was when I first watched the movie Akira. It was one of the most impressive SciFi films I had ever seen and definitely the best animated film! The soundtrack drew me in, the story compelled me and the characters propelled me into this incredibly epic movie. I loved it. I watched it often. But strangely enough I never sought out and read the comic book series that it was based upon. This was a mistake. 
 I have finally corrected that mistake. I can report that the comic book series Akira by Katsuhiro Otomo gave me everything the movie gave me and more. It was awesome. Truly majestically awesome. Akira is one of the greatest stories ever told and it is told well. 
The characters are complex and varied. The comic book brings out such depth in them. They come alive in a way that the movie just couldn’t bring them to life. Tetsuo’s tragic character truly becomes a tragic character. Akira himself becomes something far more ominous and alive than the movie can convey. The city itself becomes more fully realized and more a part of the story. 

And dat art tho! So impressive! So full and vibrant and alive! Even the tanks. I’ve never seen more impressively drawn tanks. The amount of detail put into what others would consider throwaway panels is awe inspiring. 

Then the pacing of the story. It is so fast paced and action filled that you’re already fifty then a hundred then two hundred pages in before you realize any time has passed. I read the entire story within a week because it was near impossible to set it down. 2,187 pages of awesomeness. It is impressive how much you are drawn into the world. 

I was able to find all six volumes of Akira at my local library. It has an excellent selection of graphic novels! Libraries are awesome and I am thankful for the impact that librarians have had on my life through their quiet work. 

Would I recommend Akira to people who don’t normally read comic books? Yes. Yes I would because here within the pages of Akira you find one of the masterpieces of SciFi. Yes I think you should read Akira. 

Presenting Dark Horse Presents! The Greatest Comic Book Anthology.

Dark Horse Presents is my favorite comic book anthology that I’ve read. It presented groundbreaking and revolutionary work through primarily creator owned stories. It was launched in 1986 and featured 157 issues by the time it finished in 2000. 


Since then Dark Horse Comics has revamped it and started it up again with some very quality work but my focus here is on this classic anthology. It was originally published it black and white and helped launch not only Dark Horse Comics itself but also several amazing comic book series too such as Sin City, Next Men, Concrete, Black Cross, and featured works by creators such as Andrew Vachss, Geoff Darrow, Mike Mignola, Frank Miller, John Byrne, Moebius, and so many others. It also featured the first Aliens Vs Predator storyline! 
This critically acclaimed series has long been a favorite of mine. I’ve found and collected issues 1-100 and I really want to read through it all. I also need encouragement to keep posting regularly to my website so I’ve decided to read and review one issue of Dark Horse Presents a week. This will give me a chance to enjoy this anthology with fresh eyes and to share it with you. Hopefully you might find yourself inspired to give it a read yourself! You’ll be glad you did. I’m really looking forward to this and hope you’ll enjoy this journey through Dark Horse Presents! 

What Is The Best Superhero Comic Book? Invincible!

How can I convince you that Invincible is the BEST coming of age superhero comic book ever created? Because it IS!

Robert Kirkman (of The Walking Dead fame) has set his gifted story telling abilities to the realm of superheroes and has created a comic book that I’ll now be judging other superhero stories against. He set the standard high.

So how do I describe this without spoiling plot lines for you while still interesting you enough to read it? Well let’s say that two major components are missing from almost every superhero comic book out there: Consistency and Consequences. Invincible has both.

If a city is destroyed in the midst of a super powered struggle then it stats destroyed in the next issue while the survivors try to rebuild. If aliens attack then humanity has to deal with the repercussions. If the main character tries to handle having a secret identity and a girlfriend then he has to deal with an upset girlfriend who knows he is hiding things from her.

Robert Kirkman did a wonderful job creating a superhero we can all love and cheer for. Each issue leaves you satisfied while eager for the next. In the end I know I can’t convince you that this is the best superhero comic book ever, I’ll just ask you to give it a try and let the story convince you.


Revival Is At Hand!

Revival by Tim Seeley and Mike Norton is an interesting story of life after death set in rural Wisconsin.

At first I was led to believe that this would be your typical zombies need brains tale from a few of the reviews I had seen but nothing could be further from the truth! This is an engaging story about many things and central to the story is how and why several dead people returned to life in a small town and how it affects everyone.

The art is great and sets a perfect stage for the story. The pacing of the story draws you along scene by scene giving it the feel of a movie. The characters are well fashioned and believable. This is one story that I can’t wait to read more of! Looking forward to seeing how this unfolds.


HellBoy Goes To Hell

HellBoy In Hell vol 1 The Descent by Mike Mignola and Dave Stewart.
I have missed Mike Mignola’s unique artwork and this graphic novel is a welcome return to it! The HellBoy franchise has been interesting from the start, and this volume is no exception to that. Filled with dread, confusion, mysteries, and hidden perils Mignola sets wheels spinning within wheels. A good creepy story with amazing art that sets the stage perfectly. Mignola’s work touches some part deep within, and he truly does so with this story. Looking forward to the next volume!