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New Military SciFi To Add Next To Your Copy Of Starship Troopers

Terms Of Enlistment by Marko Kloos  
Let me start by saying I liked this book so much I immediately got books two and three and the accompanying short stories. Yes I liked it that much. 

Y’all this is a great book! What a wonderful addition to SciFi and to my personal library! This author’s work came very highly recommended and it didn’t disappoint at all. 

Terms Of Enlistment follows the life of Andrew Grayson in the not to distant future. Andrew is coming of age in squalor and poverty and decides that with nothing left to lose he will try to enlist in the military. By doing this he gains the chance at a future IF he can make it through Basic Training and IF he can live through his five year service time. The future is not a peaceful time….

Andrew Grayson is a perfect POV character to see this future through. He’s smart, witty, tough, and he knows there is more to life than what he has experienced so far. The author does a good job of introducing us to the world of the book through his eyes, and we see our understanding of the world grow with his. 

Without spoiling the story I feel the author does a good job of showing in the background of the story the dire straits of a society overwhelmed with poverty, the difficulties facing the Service People trying to follow orders and operate in such a society, and the lengths that a government will go to cover up unpleasant situations. 

I have heard favorable comparisons to other works of Military SciFi such as Starship Troopers or Forever War and I can see why the comparisons are made. However I think that this is a work that stands on its own while sharing similar elements or concepts with these classics of the genre. With the quality of his opening book Marko Kloos has interjected his name into conversations of such great works. 

The action sequences are fast paced and intense. The overall book is a pageturner. The experience of reading it is fun. This is a book you should pick up and I am really looking forward to reading the sequels!