Our Weekly Dark Horse Presents (Vol 5)

Dark Horse Presents Volume Five  
This review is a little late but I managed to still make it within the week! At first I was excited because Boris The Bear wasn’t advertised but unfortunately it was snuck in at the end under a different name. 

Pookey by James Dean Smith

This was an adventure featuring Boris The Bear’s stuffed bunny rabbit named Pookey. Because of course a living stuffed teddy bear has a stuffed rabbit. 

Roma by John Workman

This story was told sideways. No lie! I had to turn the comic book sideways to read it. Not a bad special effect but I’m not sure it added to the experience. I’m not sure what Roma is going to turn into as a story. It seems like it could be a SciFi or a superhero or a spy story. We’ll have to see. 


Trekker by Ron Randall

This story is improving with every page! Mercy is tough and won’t let a building filled with people trying to kill her ruin her day. Well written and illustrated. Looking forward to more. 

Concrete by Paul Chadwick 

Yet another beautiful and strange addition to this wonderful comic book. The author offers a self introspective look into the heart and mind of an artist. 



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