Our Weekly Dark Horse Presents (Vol 4)

Dark Horse Presents Volume 4


This volume introduced Trekker, while continuing Concrete, Mindwalk, and Boris The Bear. I really enjoyed Concrete! First let’s discuss Trekker!

Trekker by Ron Randall

Trekkers are bounty hunters in this SciFi tale. The particular Trekker this story features is Mercy St Clair. Mercy is quickly introduced by her actions as a cool, tough character, able to take on and defeat multiple villains at once. So when she gets in a difficult situation later on you think she can make it through, but what if she can’t? Good solid first story. 

Concrete by Paul Chadwick

Concrete keeps turning keys within your heart to unlock deep emotions. The concept, combined with the artwork and story peaceably evoke an emotional response within the reader. I’m not sure how Paul Chadwick does this. I do know that Concrete is what many creators aspire to create and only few do. 

Mindwalk by Randy Stradley and Randy Emberlin

Sibling rivalry can be an ugly thing. Especially when your sibling is a bully. While I am not a fan of this storyline I think they have an interesting concept. Creators have many difficult tasks and one of those tasks is sorting out how cliched you allow your work to be. This one falls a little too heavily on the cliched side for me. 

Boris The Bear by James Dean Smith and Randy Stradley

Still not connecting here but I did enjoy this one more than the first episode. The first episode tried really hard to be funny and failed whereas this one didn’t try as hard and succeeded in being funny. 

Next week brings us more Concrete, Trekker, and Roma and I’ll be interested to see how often Concrete will succeed in tugging on my heartstrings. 


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