Our Weekly Dark Horse Presents (Vol 6)

Dark Horse Presents Volume 6

DHP has been holding steady as a quality anthology comic book. So far there’s been good and bad stories but that’s to be expected. Not every story is for you so you keep on moving to the ones that are! 

Roma by John Workman

Well… It’s still turned sideways and I still don’t like that. It’s difficult for me to move past that gimmick and get into the story. The artwork isn’t bad and the story is intriguing enough but right now I feel like the author is giving you an outline of a story rather than a story. It’s a risk you run with comic book anthologies. Roma might not be for me. 

Trekker by Ron Randall

Trekker delivers again! Good launching point for its own comic book series. Interesting lead character, good villain, corrupt government, fun SciFi! I’m enjoying Trekker. 

Doc Abtruse by Steve Mattsson and Tony Salmons

I think they thought this was Heavy Metal. And it wasn’t good enough for Heavy Metal either. 

Concrete by Paul Chadwick

If the opening page was all there was to this comic book then this comic book would have been worth reading. Chadwick wins at life again! 



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