Our Weekly Dark Horse Presents (Vol 7)

Dark Horse Presents Volume 7

Sometimes comic book anthologies hit home runs! Other times they’re ok, and sometimes they’re forgettable. Volume 7 of DHP is forgettable. That said some might pick this issue up and love it while hating the issues I love! That is the glory of comic book anthologies. 


Monq by Tony Salmons 

Monq is the highlight of this volume. It’s a bit heavy handed in trying to get its point across but you can tell the message is very important to the author. Monq is a scientist who may have super powers or may just have gadgets. In this story he encounters Earth in a very unique fashion. My two favorite parts of this story were the ominous ending and the cute boots Monq wore. 


Gene Shock The Vitruvian Man by Steve Mattsson, Mark Badger, and Art Nichols

I’m not sure how to describe this other than it is an explosion of comic book tropes. You feel like Stan Lee could have been in on the plotting. It shows promise. 

Doc Abtruse by Steve Mattsson and Jim Bradrick

I just read this story for the giant floating eyeball with the graduation cap on it. 



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