A Wolf Star For June’s Star In The Sky

Y’all didn’t think I’d forget to share my monthly independent author focus did you? 🙂
This month’s Star In The Sky independent author focus is on an outstanding book by L.T. Bradley entitled Wolf Song that I not only read, I could barely put it down! 

The story follows Zoë who is gifted (or cursed) with a second sight that not only allows her to see beings from the spiritual round that surrounds us, it also allows those beings to see her! For most of her life she has fled this and hidden from these spirits but now as she is growing older she is opening up to this gift (curse) and trying to use it for good. Her good and the good of others. But that isn’t always easy or very safe at all….

Zoë is an amazing character who springs off the pages and into your heart! From her fashion sense, to her school issues, her job, friendships, and even her struggles with relationships she is a fully realized character and she is truly engaging right from the start. She’ll leave you chuckling at one point, shaking your head at the next, and wishing you could help her in her struggles while always respecting the strong person she is. 

The author did an excellent job combining mystery, romance, adventure, humor, supernatural, and real life all together into one pageturner of a story. Often you’re turning the page trying to figure out who is the hero and who is the monster! 

This is definitely a bright shining star of a story and I highly recommend it! Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on it as you read it! 



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