Our Weekly Dark Horse Presents (Vol 8)

Dark Horse Presents Volume 8
Unfortunately I missed a few weeks of my weekly reading/reviewing of DHP! Sorry about that! The weekly reviewing has been a great help to me for developing as a reader/reviewer and it is something I truly enjoy. Hopefully these past few weeks will be the only ones I miss. Now on to this enjoyable volume of Dark Horse Presents!

Gene Shock, The Vitruvian Man by Steve Mattsson, Mark Badger, and Art Nichols

This story seems to be taking shape as a SuperHero story but one with a SuperHero that seems a bit difficult to like. The lead character comes across as a bit arrogant. Not sure if that is what the creators intended but it is a bit put offish. 

Roma by John Workman

Good sequential art, but unlike previous episodes this one doesn’t do very much to further the overall story. It provides some filler material though and that can be important. 

Concrete by Paul Chadwick

Superb as always. The concern that he has gone too far and possibly hurt someone makes him more human and the inner battle that Concrete fights in this installment mirrors our own. Concrete is a beautiful comic book. 



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