Our Weekly Dark Horse Presents (Vol 9)

Dark Horse Presents Volume 9

Certain issues of DHP are not my favorites but even then they are still filled with quality work from creators who care deeply about their creation. This is one such issue. 

Gene Shock The Vitruvian Man by Steve Mattsson and Art Nichols

I was right. The character is very arrogant and self focused. However if I just became a superhero I’d probably be self focused and arrogant too. Let’s just hope his mind and maturity develop along with the physical side, because as it stands I don’t like him as a person.

Roma by John Workman

We discover key points to the plot and mystery of things! Action takes place! This story gives you the feel of an old serial in the comics section of the newspaper. 


Fossil by Tony Salmons

Very expressive artwork! Well done telling the story primarily through that art. I did have to read it twice to understand it, but it was fun to do so. 



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