From My Bookshelf Featuring Curse Of The Mistwraith 

While reorganizing my bookshelves I was reintroduced to so many beautiful books that I wanted to share a few which is also the primary purpose I had when I created my book review website! So I’ll be selecting some books at random from my bookshelves and reviewing (or previewing if I haven’t read it yet) here and on my Instagram (RedStarReviews) with the Category/Title/Hashtag of: From My Bookshelf.  
The first one to share from my bookshelf is this beautiful first edition of Curse Of The Mistwraith by Janny Wurts being the first volume of The Wars Of Light And Shadow. 

This book’s cover caught my eye back when it was initially printed and the title captured my imagination. The author poured so much life into her characters and the lands that they inhabit. This book truly is a work of art, with great beauty and sadness within. I remember the first time I read the book caring so deeply for the primary characters and trying to imagine ways for them to be recused from the tragedies that they are faced with. 

This book is one to add to your bookshelf and to enjoy. Janny Wurts is a gifted author. Oh and did I mention that she is also the cover artist? Because she is! 

As a bonus to this review I wanted to share this photo of my book loving puppy helping me to reorganize my bookshelves from the chaotic mess they had become:



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