Trees: A Unique And Intriguing Story

Trees (Vol 1) by Warren Ellis and Jason Howard is a moving, emotional, and intriguing story. It tells the tale of a near future earth on which obscure alien lifeforms that appear as ginormous Trees have landed and ignored our existence for the past ten years. Trees is the story of what happens next.   
I think this first volume containing the first eight issues of the comic book series, did an incredible job of painting the picture of the world and the characters within. The emotional stage is set and you, the reader, are fully engaged and eager for the next volume. 

This story also contains the unique beauty of various lives trying to reach an understanding of who they are in this world that surrounds them. All of this creates and maintains a strong ensemble cast, while keeping the tense action moving forward. 

Many stories try to create an intriguing and mysterious environment but few succeed. Trees succeeds marvelously. 


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