Vintage SciFi Month: Starting The New Reading Year Right

A few years back a fellow book reviewer (@redhead5318 on Twitter) nominated January to be #VintageSciFiMonth and I agree with this marvelously fun idea!   
What is Vintage SciFi Month? Well it is a month (January) in which we read and review SciFi books that were written prior to the year you were born in. 

It is an excellent time to attack your TBR pile and read a few of those classic SciFi books you have been meaning to read or even read again! It gives you a chance to explore some of the Titans of the genre like Herbert, Heinlein, Asimov, Bradbury, Clarke, Haldeman, Silverberg, or any number of SciFi authors. I used last year as a chance to read some of the Gordon R Dickson books that fill my TBR shelves. It gives you an opportunity to reflect on what SciFi was, see what it might have inspired, realize how it has changed, and appreciate those who went before all while reading some quality work. Maybe you could even read the authors who inspired the authors you love such as David Drake’s inspiration: Henry Kuttner

For me it is a lot of fun as I truly enjoy older SciFi, I just rarely make the time for it. January is my chance to read through a few more books that I’ve been meaning to read for a while and I tend to purchase Vintage SciFi Books throughout the year with this month in mind. Like the book Mindbridge by Joe Haldeman

I hope you’ll join in and enjoy Vintage SciFi Month this January! If you’re on Twitter or Instagram be sure to hashtag your posts on it and join in on the conversations. 


7 thoughts on “Vintage SciFi Month: Starting The New Reading Year Right

  1. Redhead

    you got some great ones there! fun and crazy cover art too. I have Herbert’s The Jesus Incident sitting right here (it will be my reward for getting caught up on review writing!), and some Clark Ashton Smith as well.

    a happy surprise of Vintage month is learning where people get these books – did they buy them used? have they owned them all this time? gotten them from the library? acquired e-book versions?

  2. Ademar Júnior

    Hi, it is a great and fun idea. I’m not sure if there are great SciFi books written in the year I’ve born, so I’m not if I can follow the main rule of this challenge, but if there is no problem maybe I can try to read some Philip K. Dick, Robert Heinlein and Asimov.
    I loved the photos.

      1. Ademar Júnior

        Perfect, I will do this. In my Brazilian Portuguese version, of course. Hahaha… Thanks for sharing the idea. 😀

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