My Top Ten Comic Books Part Five: The Winner Is…

  We’ve covered my nine of my Top Ten Favorite Comic Book Series and twelve runner ups. It is time to reveal my favorite comic book series! It is a critically acclaimed creator owned independent comic book that has been around since 1983 yet it is one a lot of people might not have heard of before. 

My favorite comic book series is Grendel by Matt Wagner! 

Grendel is not your typical comic book. For starters the primary character is a ruthless villain whose death prior to the main series launched a succession of desperate hero/villains who carried on his name and tainted legacy. 

Grendel started with Hunter Rose: the stylish assassin who rose to be the kingpin of crime. He was a ruthless genius whose early love and loss catapulted him to the heights of criminal activity and his one weakness, the only additional love that he allowed in his life, caused his downfall. 

 However the death of Hunter Rose did not stop the idea of Grendel. Grendel was carried on through various incarnations through many people until finally Grendel became something greater. And emperor. An empire. A world. 

Grendel is very rough around the edges. It is ultimately Matt Wagner’s study on rage and humanity. To me it is the greatest comic book created. It is a timeless story that is epic in nature as it sweeps down through the centuries. It can be brutal and beautiful. I have been amazed by this comic book since I first encountered it. Also he had a brief crossover with Batman! 


I hope you’ve enjoyed my Top Ten Comic Book Series posts. They’ve been a lot of fun to create. I hope I’ve given you a few new series to try out! 


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