My Top Ten Comic Books Part Four: Ranking 5-2

We have worked through my twelve runners up and then the lower five of my Top Ten Comic Book Series. My favorite comic book series will have its own feature following this one. Now it is time to reveal numbers Five through Two!

Five: The Massive by Brian Wood

The Massive by Brian Wood drew me back into comic books when I had stepped away from them. It is a magical tale of humanity on the edge of extinction following an ecological catastrophe. They’ve used different artists but all have captured the same feel the author has created. This is one story I wish you would read. 

Four: Thieves & Kings by Mark Oakley

Thieves & Kings is one of the most beautiful comic books I’ve encountered and the story it encompasses is amazing. Truly a work of art and literature. Magical story of a thief and his imp as they fight to save their city. 

Three: Mind MGMT by Matt Kindt

Mind MGMT is Matt Kindt’s crowning achievement of a spectacular career! Of course I expect him to keep progressing in achievement and look forward to anything he does but stop me in a bookstore and I’ll go on endlessly about how amazing this story is. Even the billboards in the background art have meaning within this story. This comic book is perhaps the most engrossing comic book I’ve ever encountered. Totally eclipses everything around you as you start to read it. 

Two: Solar Man Of The Atom by Valiant Comics

A man gains all the power of energy and destroys the world. That is the start of this incredibly human superhero tale. Solar is the smartest, most powerful superhero I’ve ever read. He’s the superhero I wish I was able to be! Outside of having billions of deaths weighing on my heart. That wouldn’t be cool. But simply stated: The Valiant Universe of the 90’s would not have existed if not for Solar. 

Solar almost won first place! But that belongs to only one comic book series and that one will be featured in my next post! 


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