My Top Ten Comic Books Part Three: Ranking 6-10

We have been over the twelve runners up to my top ten comic book series of all time, and many wondered what comic books I could consider better than Watchmen or Sin City. Well the time has come to reveal my Top Ten Comic Book Series! We’ll start at Ten and work our way up to Six in this feature, Five to Two in the next, and give One its own feature. 

Introducing Ten through Six of my Top Ten Comic Book Series:

Ten: Invincible by Robert Kirkman, Ryan Ottley, and Cory Walker

I can hear objections already. A superhero comic book? And one that’s not even one of the big name superheroes? But this isn’t just another superhero comic book: it redefines superhero comic books! A coming of age tale of the son of Earth’s greatest superhero with battle scenes that most comic book creators can only dream of writing and illustrating. Yet that’s only the surface of this deep story of family, love, betrayal, trust, and alternate dimensions. Invincible hooked me from the first issue and now 120 issues into this series I find myself more amazed at this story than ever before. 

Nine: Saga by Brian K Vaughan and Fiona Staples


 Saga is relatively new on the scene but it shows you what a comic book is capable of. A thrilling SciFi tale that shatters societal norms and captures timeless truths of human nature within its pages. And the Lying Cat alone would have made it worthy of being on this list. 

Eight: Dark Horse Presents (Volume One) by Dark Horse Comics 

  In the comic boom of the 80’s a small publishing company was founded and chose to run a black and white anthology as its primary book. That publishing company went on to challenge the Big Two and to produce some of the edgiest, most inventive creator owned work ever in the industry. DHP is quite simply the best comic book anthology ever created. Watch for our weekly review as we work through the series. 

Seven: The Walking Dead by Robert Kirkman and Charlie Adlard

  Better than the TV show will ever be. I love zombie movies and in this very creative story the creators asked themselves What Then? What happens after the movies end? What happens in a post apocalyptic world? A day later, a year later, a generation later…. 

Six: John Byrne’s Next Men by John Byrne

  John Byrne is one of my favorite writer/artists to ever work on a comic book and in JBNM he creates the ultimate ensemble superhero tale that challenges the very concept of superhero teams. JBNM is also a very smart SciFi and political thriller. You’d be hard pressed to find a comic book creator than John Byrne and this is his greatest work.   

Next up we’ll feature 5-2 and then we’ll reveal the best comic book series ever!


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