First Author Contact: C J Cherryh

I am a fan of Science Fiction. I have been a SciFi fan all my reading life and probably will be one for the rest of my days. When you are heavily invested in a particular genre you notice certain authors often. Their books stand out. Their names grab at you as you pass by. Your friends rave about them and are shocked you haven’t read them yet. Yet is the important word. This month I am addressing one of those yet situations.   
C J Cherryh is an author that I have heard about for decades. I’ve seen her books and wanted to read them for years but for various reasons never got around to it. She is a celebrated and respected author who has contributed greatly to the SciFi genre and is still contributing! Her work has entertained and challenged countless readers since she was first published in 1976. 

Having obtained a hardback copy of Foreigner, the first book published in her Foreigner Universe, I decided to make April the month I finally achieve First Contact with C J Cherryh’s work. What better place to start than with a novel of First Contact? A lost generational starship at the end of its five hundred year journey coming in contact with an alien species sounds like a wonderful way to meet an author’s work.  


 I am inviting any and all who want to join me in starting C J Cherryh’s work to join in! Several friends have decided to give Foreigner a read this month with me and I’d love to have more join in. I don’t have a set reading schedule of so many chapters a week or a scheduled date to be done with the book. I know time zones, schedules, and TBR Piles don’t always allow for identical reading goals so this one is a very loose one. I’m starting Foreigner today and hope y’all join me in reading it this month! 

Feel free to follow my progress on GoodReads as I will mark my progress there. Or you can follow on Instagram/Twitter as I will be using the hashtags: #FirstCherryh #FirstAuthorContact and #CJCReading on those sites. I’ll post a review of my final thoughts here on my website. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on Foreigner by C J Cherryh! 


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