Our Weekly Dark Horse Presents Volume 12

Our Weekly Dark Horse Presents Vol 12

This issue was both enjoyable and underwhelming. That is one of the dangers of anthologies. Three stories: One excellent; one ok; one poor. First let’s look at the poor story. 

Masque by Mark Badger gives us yet another confusing chapter to a confusing and disjointed story. About the only thing I find enjoyable is the grey shading he uses for the artwork. 

Portheus Principle by Mark A Nelson is the ok story. It deals with time travel, dinosaurs, and unintended consequences. A fun filler piece. 

Concrete by Paul Chadwick is always excellent. You always get a chance to look into what makes us human when you read one of Paul Chadwick’s Concrete stories. 

I’ll be doing my best to return to reviewing DHP weekly! It is something I truly enjoy and helps me get into the habit of posting more regularly. I neglected it for a while but now it is time to return. The stories in it are about to get really interesting!


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