Notes On Notes From The Shadowed City

Jeffrey Alan Love has created a beautiful work of art in his book Notes From The Shadowed City. This book is GORGEOUS. 

I still recall the first time I encountered Love’s artwork on a SciFi book cover and how amazed I was by it. Everything about his style grabs my attention and draws me to the books featuring his cover illustrations. So when I first heard he was working on a book of his own that would prominently feature his artwork I knew I would be purchasing it. I had high expectations and expected the book would meet them. It exceeded them. 

Mike Mignola describes it best. “Plain brilliant” This work is lovely and dark with ominous tones. The book is a journal of an adventurer who has lost his own identity but discovered a city residing beneath the dark shadows of a floating city of magical beings. Having no idea as to who he is he decides to use the journal he has with him to illustrate his discoveries within the Shadowed City. Masked swordsmen, bandits, warriors, giants, mages, powerful swords, and secrets abound. 

This book really brings out and engages the imagination of the reader. After each page you’ll find your thoughts wandering along with the adventurer’s, imagining what wondrous things you might encounter in so magical a city. I couldn’t be happier with this amazing work of art and highly recommend you order a copy for yourself! You can do so here: FleskPublications and you can get a glimpse of the artist’s work on his  Instagram page or on his Twitter account. I’ve truly been amazed by his art and the dark beauty captured within the pages of this book. 


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