Announcing The #ReadDune Group Read For Vintage SciFi Month!

Officially announcing the #ReadDune GroupRead I’ll be hosting for #VintageSciFiMonth this January!

We’ll be using the #ReadDune hashtag to help keep track and follow along of each other’s posts and be able to enjoy more discussions on it! So break out your copies of Dune by Frank Herbert and let’s start spreading the word!

For those new to how I handle GroupReads here are some details:

Each week we have a target page/location goal in the book. We don’t discuss in detail anything that takes place in the book until we reach that Saturday Goal, and then we discuss only the sections we’ve read so far. You’ll find it works really well. The Group DMs are normally very fun and respectful, and allow for discussing shared emotional reactions, general observations, and encouragement to reach the goal. Once we’ve reached a goal we discuss things that happened in detail and have fun with it. If anyone hasn’t reached the goal they’ll need to be careful about the Group DMs on the weekends as that’s when a lot of specifics get discussed. I’ll be looking into the page counts of the common versions but it’ll probably be between 130-150 pages a week of reading.

What are Group DMs? Everyone who wants to participate will be invited into a group DM on Instagram or on Twitter (whichever social network you prefer). There’s a limit on how many can join so there’ll be a few group DMs created. I’ll be in each one to help moderate and help keep spoilers to a minimum. We’ve got several first time readers joining in so everyone needs to be conscious about posting spoilers! That’s where the page goals will come in to play.

Since we tend to have more than one Group DM I’ll also post a #ReadDune Instagram post and Twitter Post every Saturday Morning so that everyone can publicly discuss the book (up to that page goal) with everyone else easily.

Ready for the cheesy fun part? At the end of it all on either Saturday the 27th or Sunday the 28th depending on people’s schedules we’ll all hit play at the same time on the fun and cheesy 80’s movie edition of Dune and have fun watching the movie together to celebrate finishing the book!

Posting photos of your reading of Dune is highly encouraged! Please post away and use the #ReadDune hashtag and we’d love if you used the #VintageSciFiMonth hashtag too! Above all have fun! This is one of my favorite books, and I think it has a broad appeal. I’m hopeful you’ll like it, but there is no pressure to like it! If you don’t it’s really ok as I’m not the author, just a fan.

Let me know on Twitter or on Instagram if you’ll be joining in! Check out my latest post on Instagram or my pinned tweet on Twitter to respond and let me know if you’re joining!


11 thoughts on “Announcing The #ReadDune Group Read For Vintage SciFi Month!

  1. Redhead

    I’m so excited for this!! Dune is a super fun (and weird!) read, i love how much is going on beneath the surface. the side characters are THE BEST.

  2. Jorie Loves Space Opera (@joriestory)

    Hallo, Hallo 🙂

    I spied this s/o on Twitter – I just finished participating in #RRSciFiMonth and was hoping the #SciFiExperience was running this year, but I haven’t seen it announced? Hmm. I might be the only person able to participate this year,…so I’ll use my own tag #FuellYourSciFi in case its on hiatus, however, the joy for me is finding DUNE has a #readalong! 🙂 January would be a lovely time to start reading the book, as I have sorted out what I’m reading in December already – we spoke about DUNE during the co-hosted chat I put together for #RRSciFiMonth – ever since then, I’ve felt I shouldn’t wait any longer to read it. Is this the sign-up page or just the announcement?

    I’ll make sure I’m following you – as I love DM convos – I only accept DMs of people I follow who follow me, so if you make a list of those who are participating on Twitter, we’ll know whom to follow in order to DM each other. 🙂

    1. redstarreviews Post author

      This is both announcement and sign up! I’ll be sure to follow you on Twitter so you’ll be able to join in the GroupDMs and once I know everyone who is joining I’ll definitely share the list. 😊 very happy you’re joining in!

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  5. La La in the Library

    My son is buddy reading with me, but he started early because he only reads at work (and when his computer is updating, ha ha) I have read it three times before, so he can’t spoil anything for me. Heh heh. I am excited to start!

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