Blogging Can Be Difficult At Times.

Can I just say that’s it? The title I mean. That’s all the content here! Ha. No it isn’t, have no fear. Here there be content, if not dragons.

I love reading, reviewing, bookstagramming, tweeting, blogging, love it all. That said it’s much easier to just snap a quick photo (like above) and add it to a Story on FB or IG and speed along in life. Lately that’s been easier for me because as you can guess life with a little one can be a bit busy. Amazingly incredibly rewarding, but still a bit busy. So time consuming things such as blogging start to take a back seat. It’s ok and natural. If you’re at a stage where your reviews or reading is taking a hit due to life circumstances please don’t fret. Live life and your friends truly will understand. Books will wait on your shelves patiently.

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve been able to reduce my currently reading pile down to just seven books! Progress has been made! However I haven’t sat down and written up solid blog reviews for the books I’ve finished and they do deserve that. I fully intend to get back into the swing of things and add more content to RedStarReviews including updating a page here to feature my podcast. It’ll take me some time to get it all done, but goals are good to have!

Speaking of goals it’s time to record and release a new episode of the podcast! It will be soon. Very soon!

All of this to say: it’s easy to have your creative focus distracted over multiple avenues of expression, and really easy to focus on the few that bring the most responses. Don’t be discouraged if you’re not getting the interactions you seek. Create to create and have fun. That’s my goal here and it’s stayed fun for me so far and I expect it will continue on!

Now that is it. That’s the blog today. 😊


6 thoughts on “Blogging Can Be Difficult At Times.

    1. redstarreviews Post author

      I think managing our own expectations on what we can do is important. It isn’t fun but it’s important! It’s more fun to grab a towel, wrap it around your neck and yell: “I’m Superman” while trying to fly around the house, but reality says we just don’t have time in the day to be Superman.

  1. Redhead

    ” Don’t be discouraged if you’re not getting the interactions you seek. Create to create and have fun.”

    yes to this, and everything in your whole post! blog when you blog, don’t when you don’t. it’s OK. I’ve been doing that too lately – relaxedly reading fun books, and then never writing the review. i think i’m just gonna write a few mini one paragraph reviews and call it good.

    1. redstarreviews Post author

      We put so much pressure on ourselves with reviews and blogs and posts so that it’s easy to miss out on the fun of it all! I think mini reviews sound good. Bite size snack reviews which can draw the reader in for a full meal!


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