Cleaning The Bookshelves

Cleaning the bookshelves! Or maybe better put as organizing the bookshelves? 🤔 Any way you phrase it working on your bookshelves is probably something that every book reader does once in a while. Some more often then others!

Sometimes the bookshelves are messy because friends came over and you had to move all your nicknacks into your Study, or maybe you were just given a bunch of books, or maybe you needed five books for one photo and eleven for another….

Or maybe your bookshelves are always immaculate but you realized you want them organized by color scheme rather than by author! It’s an adventure to go through your books no matter the reason! The real question is: How many books can you move before you pick one up that meant the world to you and you get lost in the memory of it?

Books are like best friends. The stories helped you through some tricky parts of life. Maybe you felt all alone and thought no one understood you and then you picked up THE BOOK in which the lead character was totally you and you realized you weren’t alone. Others went through the same stories. That’s a powerful feeling and now every time you move that book from shelf to shelf you remember that moment.

Maybe the book reminds you of that song you were listening to when you read it! Or it again sparks the creativity within you to make your own art! Or it politely waves at you and asks if it is finally its turn to be read.

Working on cleaning my bookshelves and getting hit in all the feels as I reorganize and move stories around. I don’t mind messy shelves because I know every time I look through them I’ll be taken on another adventure. Here’s to more adventures!


7 thoughts on “Cleaning The Bookshelves

  1. Redhead

    I am relieved to see your shelves are as cluttered as mine! This weekend I had to pretty up the bookshelves in the living room, which mean removing half the books, and putting books back on that actually fit. The shelves look so nice now! and I have like 3 stacks of books that got shoved under the bed becaue once i made the shelves look all pretty there wasn’t nearly as much room. . .

    1. H.P.

      When we sold our house in Texas our realtor hired someone to declutter our house. She took half the books out of our shelves. It was very sad! I liked them better messy and full.

  2. Tammy

    Ahh love this post! I reminds me that I need to go through my books one of these days. I know there are hidden gems just waiting for me to find, books I’ve forgotten about:-)

  3. James

    I organize mine by author of course, but they are broken down into the hardbacks, then trade paper backs, then mass market. I only have a few items on the shelves.


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