Read Dune Weekly Goals

We recently announced the #ReadDune Group Read and now that we’re only a week away from starting we wanted to share the weekly target reading goals! This is a little tricky as there are so many different editions and each has its own page count. So it makes sense to do this by chapter, right? Right! Only… Frank Herbert didn’t number or name his damn chapters! The NERVE of that author! 😂

So everyone will need to keep count of the chapters they’ve read because we’re going to read a certain number each week. As this can get tricky we have another visual aide: each chapter starts with a section from fictitious history books and we’ll watch for specific chapter openings! This will (hopefully) work!

January week one we will read chapters one through fifteen and stop at the start of chapter sixteen you see pictured here! When you read “Greatness is a transitory experience.” you will have reached stopping point one. Everyone should be here by Saturday January the sixth. Next stopping point:

We will read chapters sixteen through the end of twenty-six and stop at the start of twenty-seven when you read: “At the age of fifteen, he had already learned silence.” This will be the stopping point on Saturday January the 13th. The next stopping point is fun:

That’s right! We stop at Book Three The Prophet! Frank Herbert came through for us on this split! Everyone should strive to be at The Prophet by Saturday January the twentieth.

The last week we shall read to the end of the story. With this pace we will all finish on Saturday January the twenty-seventh and then we’ll all hit play on the cheesy 80’s film adaptation and enjoy!

Read at your own pace but be aware that the conversations will include possible spoilers once we hit a Saturday goal as discussing anything from the week’s reading is fair game on a Saturday and beyond. Above all else please have fun!


7 thoughts on “Read Dune Weekly Goals

  1. mrericness

    Oh wow, this looks fun. I usually re-read the original six Dune books every other year or so and am just about coming due to go through them again. I haven’t been as into the first book the last couple of times, maybe this is what I need!

  2. dragonsandzombies

    Enjoy! I did a Read Along for ‘Dune’ last year and it made it much easier for me to follow the story! Also, it helped to keep me motivated, because I struggled a little at the start. Have fun with it!

  3. Jorie, the Joyful Tweeter 📚👩‍💻 (@joriestory)

    Hallo, Hallo #ReadDune readers,

    As foresaid – I’m dealing w/ a NY bout of unwellness which has muddled my head worse than Dr Beckett’s travels in time – (ie. Quantum Leap) – ergo, I was at a proper loss recently in our RAL DM convo until I realised – wait – how does everyone know where we’re stopping/starting this? Oy. Finally unearthed this post in the #VintageSciFi feeds and feel like I’ve re-joined the group w/o the foggy head I’m trying to combat! lol

    I love this visual aide – I’ll mark the chapters as quirkily as they once the print copy comes in from the library but this has me thinking – how did they differentiate the chapters in the Audiobook!? Ooh my.. let me go surfing to spy the answer,…

    The reason I’m questioning this is not all audios are strictly adherent to the print versions – sometimes they are; oft-times they follow their own continuity rules of engagement. I don’t oft get the JOY of reading a print copy alongside an audio so it’s hard to know overall the ratio of how many follow the originally published version vs the ones which alter into their own entity.

    OY VIE. I give up. Not one retail or publisher website breaks down the chapters or contents per disc of this 18 disc set! 😦 I’ll just have to use your breaks from the print edition to seek out the breaks in the audio version. This is just odd – even WorldCat didn’t break it down – generally I find break-downs for audiobooks – especially a Content listing!? If anyone in this RAL finds one – save my sanity and either tag me on Twitter or let me know via our DM convo. My head is swirling in angst right now.


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