Vintage SciFi Month 2018 Recap

As y’all already surely know if you’ve been following me for any amount of time: January is always Vintage SciFi Month and this January’s reading was incredible! Let’s take a look at the three books I read this year.

Tactics Of Mistake by Gordon R Dickson is the fourth book of The Childe Cycle which I’m working my way through bit by bit each January. While it isn’t the best book in the series it is really good! It is a strong addition to an excellent series. If you’ve read Dorsai and wanted to know how the Dorsai became the most badass soldiers in the known universe then this is the book for you! If you’ve never wondered that but you still enjoy Military SciFi combined with Vintage Philosophy then this is still the book for you!

Up next was Philip K Dick’s classic of SciFi: Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep and it was an excellent story! I watched Blade Runner as a kid but I had never made time for the story it was based upon. I am glad I finally did! It was a very subtle story with a slow burn that once lit wouldn’t go out. Very enjoyable and easy to lose yourself in the story.

This January close to fifty people joined me for the #ReadDune Group Read, several of them reading Frank Herbert’s Dune for the first time! The good news is that almost everyone loved it! I mean how could you not love this book? This was either my fourth or fifth time to read it and I enjoyed it yet again! Getting to see everyone’s reaction to it was so much fun. Dune will always be special to me and I’m happy to report that it gets better with each reread!

I hope to see y’all join in on Vintage SciFi Month next January!


2 thoughts on “Vintage SciFi Month 2018 Recap

  1. Jamie

    Glad that your 3 reads have gone well! I’ve yet to read Dune but it’s one I know I really need to read, and I recently bought Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep and just haven’t had the chance to pick it up yet. I definitely plan to this year though, or maybe I’ll save it until next January who knows.

    Dedicating a month to vintage sci-fi actually sounds like a lot of fun and I’m almost sad that I missed it this year (though I was in a mega reading slump). I’ll definitely need to make note to check it out next January, as sci fi (in general, but especially older sci fi) is one of the genres I want to read a lot more of.

    1. redstarreviews Post author

      I hope you join in for this next one! We have Vintage SciFi Month each January and it is one of my favorite reading events each year. Dune was very well received by most all of the readers who joined in on the Group Read of it. It seems to have a strong appeal to readers who are new to the genre, and to lifelong SciFi readers. 🙂 I was impressed by Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep. The author really seemed ahead of his time.


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