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Our Weekly Dark Horse Presents Volume 12

Our Weekly Dark Horse Presents Vol 12

This issue was both enjoyable and underwhelming. That is one of the dangers of anthologies. Three stories: One excellent; one ok; one poor. First let’s look at the poor story. 

Masque by Mark Badger gives us yet another confusing chapter to a confusing and disjointed story. About the only thing I find enjoyable is the grey shading he uses for the artwork. 

Portheus Principle by Mark A Nelson is the ok story. It deals with time travel, dinosaurs, and unintended consequences. A fun filler piece. 

Concrete by Paul Chadwick is always excellent. You always get a chance to look into what makes us human when you read one of Paul Chadwick’s Concrete stories. 

I’ll be doing my best to return to reviewing DHP weekly! It is something I truly enjoy and helps me get into the habit of posting more regularly. I neglected it for a while but now it is time to return. The stories in it are about to get really interesting!


Our Weekly Dark Horse Presents (Vol 10)

Our Weekly Dark Horse Presents Volume 10

This issue introduced new stories and brought a favorite back for another episode. However I have mixed feelings regarding this issue overall. 

Concrete by Paul Chadwick

As always Concrete is my favorite part of DHP however this chapter wasn’t as strong or moving as previous chapters. It was interesting to see Concrete leap from a plane while still being afraid of what a bear could do to him if enraged, but this one just didn’t convey the same insight into humanity as the others. It was still there just not as subtle and moving. That said it still is a worthy addition and was again the highlight of the comic book. 

The Masque by Mark Badger

The Masque was… confusing. Still not entirely sure what happened and I read it twice. However it is the very first installment so I have hopes of sorting it out soon! Artwork was a bit chaotic but very emotive. 


Sole Survivors by Randy Stradley and Tony Salmons
Fun one shot story! Not sure if they were attempting to show the pointlessness of warfare but I feel they did show that. Tony Salmons’ artwork is very narrative. You could probably read this one without the words and understand it. It may just be I’m getting more used to his style, but I do think he tells a story with his art. 


Our Weekly Dark Horse Presents (Vol 9)

Dark Horse Presents Volume 9

Certain issues of DHP are not my favorites but even then they are still filled with quality work from creators who care deeply about their creation. This is one such issue. 

Gene Shock The Vitruvian Man by Steve Mattsson and Art Nichols

I was right. The character is very arrogant and self focused. However if I just became a superhero I’d probably be self focused and arrogant too. Let’s just hope his mind and maturity develop along with the physical side, because as it stands I don’t like him as a person.

Roma by John Workman

We discover key points to the plot and mystery of things! Action takes place! This story gives you the feel of an old serial in the comics section of the newspaper. 


Fossil by Tony Salmons

Very expressive artwork! Well done telling the story primarily through that art. I did have to read it twice to understand it, but it was fun to do so. 


Our Weekly Dark Horse Presents (Vol 8)

Dark Horse Presents Volume 8
Unfortunately I missed a few weeks of my weekly reading/reviewing of DHP! Sorry about that! The weekly reviewing has been a great help to me for developing as a reader/reviewer and it is something I truly enjoy. Hopefully these past few weeks will be the only ones I miss. Now on to this enjoyable volume of Dark Horse Presents!

Gene Shock, The Vitruvian Man by Steve Mattsson, Mark Badger, and Art Nichols

This story seems to be taking shape as a SuperHero story but one with a SuperHero that seems a bit difficult to like. The lead character comes across as a bit arrogant. Not sure if that is what the creators intended but it is a bit put offish. 

Roma by John Workman

Good sequential art, but unlike previous episodes this one doesn’t do very much to further the overall story. It provides some filler material though and that can be important. 

Concrete by Paul Chadwick

Superb as always. The concern that he has gone too far and possibly hurt someone makes him more human and the inner battle that Concrete fights in this installment mirrors our own. Concrete is a beautiful comic book. 


Our Weekly Dark Horse Presents (Vol 7)

Dark Horse Presents Volume 7

Sometimes comic book anthologies hit home runs! Other times they’re ok, and sometimes they’re forgettable. Volume 7 of DHP is forgettable. That said some might pick this issue up and love it while hating the issues I love! That is the glory of comic book anthologies. 


Monq by Tony Salmons 

Monq is the highlight of this volume. It’s a bit heavy handed in trying to get its point across but you can tell the message is very important to the author. Monq is a scientist who may have super powers or may just have gadgets. In this story he encounters Earth in a very unique fashion. My two favorite parts of this story were the ominous ending and the cute boots Monq wore. 


Gene Shock The Vitruvian Man by Steve Mattsson, Mark Badger, and Art Nichols

I’m not sure how to describe this other than it is an explosion of comic book tropes. You feel like Stan Lee could have been in on the plotting. It shows promise. 

Doc Abtruse by Steve Mattsson and Jim Bradrick

I just read this story for the giant floating eyeball with the graduation cap on it. 


Our Weekly Dark Horse Presents (Vol 5)

Dark Horse Presents Volume Five  
This review is a little late but I managed to still make it within the week! At first I was excited because Boris The Bear wasn’t advertised but unfortunately it was snuck in at the end under a different name. 

Pookey by James Dean Smith

This was an adventure featuring Boris The Bear’s stuffed bunny rabbit named Pookey. Because of course a living stuffed teddy bear has a stuffed rabbit. 

Roma by John Workman

This story was told sideways. No lie! I had to turn the comic book sideways to read it. Not a bad special effect but I’m not sure it added to the experience. I’m not sure what Roma is going to turn into as a story. It seems like it could be a SciFi or a superhero or a spy story. We’ll have to see. 


Trekker by Ron Randall

This story is improving with every page! Mercy is tough and won’t let a building filled with people trying to kill her ruin her day. Well written and illustrated. Looking forward to more. 

Concrete by Paul Chadwick 

Yet another beautiful and strange addition to this wonderful comic book. The author offers a self introspective look into the heart and mind of an artist.